Conference Program

As many network operators know, the process to replace non-compliant telecom equipment will be expensive and disruptive to network operations, both short- and long-term. Even more important is the need for carriers to future proof their networks and plan for smarter, more secure, network operations.

This executive conference is the first-time wireless industry executives will convene to share best practices to leverage next generation technology, including Open RAN, CBRS and more in an effort to introduce more competition from North American wireless equipment supply chain. The program (listed below) is subject to change.

Information, Insight & Investment Analysis on a Converged Digital Infrastructure

  • Improve your understanding of digital infrastructure in North America: urban, suburban, rural
  • Invite capital, innovation and new thinking to the builders of next generation networks
  • Bridge the gap between financial and investment communities, technology communities and geographic areas
  • Explore policy, regulatory and business issues that affect private investment and growth in sub-categories
  • Understand the trends, considerations and risks, and new business models emerging from public and private projects


Washington DC